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We provide a dedicated team of top-notch infrastructure and security engineers with extensive knowledge in the blockchain space.
Following a successful ICO in November 2018, we have built the mechanics of our platform on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. Later on, Cosmos has given us a great solution for building a customized blockchain using the Tendermint Core and Cosmos SDK.

Members of the Kuende team are here to support everyone who wants to contribute to blockchain networks but doesn’t have the technical skills or time to run their own validator.

Sit back and relax while your assets are generating income!

Validator server: running multiple validators in parallel (one active, the rest for backup) with guaranteed ZERO downtime if any component (SSD, RAM, processor, etc.) fails in the main one.

Internet: N+3, Gigabit connection.

Power: N+2 & UPS & diesel generators.

99.9% Guaranteed Availability, with an actual 100% uptime of the datacenters for over 5 years.

Validator server: Units in rack are protected with an anti-tampering mechanism.

Validator key: YubiHSM2 Hardware Security Modules are used, no malicious actor can steal the key.

Datacenter: armed guards protecting the location 24/7. Top level Seismic & Vibration Protection.

Our mixed cloud+datacenter is almost entirely autonomous. Everything is orchestrated in such a way that failing software or hardware is immediately replaced with no impact on the validator.

Although our ecosystem is almost fully autonomous and we have multiple layers of emergency alerts (email, phone call), operators are working shifts to make sure that any potential issue is solved in minutes.

Being part of the Cosmos ecosystem comes with great benefits and a consistent source of income.

Expected Annual Yield 7- 20%.

Staking your ATOMs is potentially the wisest move.

At the time being, the only way to delegate is via command line. Please check the official guide:
- https://cosmos.network/docs/gaia/delegator-guide-cli.html -

Our address: cosmosvaloper1ttfytaf43nkytzp8hkfjfgjc693ky4t3y2n2ku - for safety reason just click on the address to copy it to your clipboard.

Commission: 10%

Please feel free to reach out in case of any difficulties or questions!

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Please Read: There is a potential for loss in delegating ATOMs to Vali the Thor. While our team has extensively tested (through external audits) our validating and staking infrastructure and we believe it to be secure and trustworthy, there are inherent risks to validating and staking. Hacking and other security threats could provide unauthorized access to information or systems. A blockhain network failure or compromise could adversely affect Vali the Thor's ability to operate its infrastructure.